$25 Kohls Gift Card

Get a $25 Kohls Gift Card today!

If you are looking for a gift card from Kohl’s. Don’t miss!! OnDemand Research special offer “$25 Kohls Gift Card” for Kohl’s fan to spend at Kohl’s! It’s just you doing a short survey questions about “Are you ready to rack up on the Spring Savings?” and complete survey to claim a $25 Kohls Gift Card.

Request a $25 Kohls Gift Card

$25 Kohls Gift Card

Good  Luck! ^_^

Note: This Free offer is valid in the U.S. residents only at least 18 years of age or older for participating this promotion and good while supplies last.

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16 Responses to “$25 Kohls Gift Card”

  1. Roxanne Dombrowski

    May 30. 2013

    I would love to take a survey and win one of the wonderful gifts.

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  2. penny mcminn

    Jun 04. 2013

    i already took my survey an was sent email to claim my gift card

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  3. Susan Straub

    Jun 09. 2013

    The Kohl s Cash keeps me coming back. You have great great variety. of. clothing .

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  4. Manjit

    Jun 15. 2013

    Kohls store is the best store

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  5. Manjit

    Jun 15. 2013

    I would like to take a survey and win $25 gift card

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  6. Shannon Smith

    Jun 18. 2013

    I’ve been trying to apply for the $25 gift card for a week and for some reason it won’t let me complete the survey. I love shopping at kohls and I just don’t understand why I’m having problems with the survey. Thank You,
    Shannon Smith

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  7. Sasha Baskin

    Jun 23. 2013

    Kohls has some of the cutest clothes and the prices are decent!

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  8. S. Hopper

    Jul 12. 2013

    Really? You won’t get a gift card you’ll get TONS of spam. That’s a real gift, eh?

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  9. maria

    Jul 23. 2013

    I love kohls its a great store.. i wanna participate

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  10. Mary Martin

    Aug 27. 2013

    Have rec’d 7- kohls $25 gift certificate emails, and not one of them works!!! It says my email is wrong, and the survey was sent to that email!!! Help! This is very frustrating, and I would really loike to get a kohls $25 gift certificate! MM

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  11. Tammy

    Sep 15. 2013

    Love kohls

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  12. stells scott

    Oct 18. 2013

    Would love gift card need gift card love Khols

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  13. Katherine Swartz

    Nov 16. 2013

    Yay me

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  14. jeannefer

    Nov 23. 2013

    I love shopping at kohls for winter boots and cardigans!

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  15. Tracy Vincelette

    Nov 25. 2013

    I’ve already done everything and then when the confirmation letter came up I need to fill it out and it won’t let me, I couldn’t put my name on it or my signature that it asks for so wats up with that how can I confirm if the on demand site doesn’t let me!! I won the gift card here is my address Tracy Vincelette 70 Oregon trail PineBush , NY. 12566 Andy phone number is 845-728-5787 can someone please call can I get some kind of a response I love kohls and I very much enjoy it! But if I won it then I should recieve it

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    • Colleen

      Dec 14. 2013

      I believe this is a scam, I finished a survey and then nothing, no emails nothing.

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